Robert Gotcher


Co-Founder of PROCO and eternal optimist of how we can change the world through roofing, Robert likes to keep it simple. “My Dad says, ‘Under-promise and over-deliver.’” That is a mantra for us here at PROCO. Oh, and he also said, “You’ve got to do great work!” Well, we believe that too! There are two foundational principles of PROCO you will hear from Robert on a daily basis. The first is “Preferring People Over Profit.” No matter who we're working with, whether it’s a homeowner, business owner, or even a vendor, the relationship we build is far more valuable than the profit we will make off of a particular job. If it costs more to do it right, then let’s do it right! Secondly, you’ll hear “Treat it like it’s your own.” That really does matter. If we’re going to replace your roof, pour concrete for your driveway, or build out an extra room, we’re going to treat your property like we own it. That means no cutting corners. It’s got to be done right! Robert loves great live music, a hang by the fire pit, a drive in the ’72 Chevy, and taking care of his goats. Robert and his beautiful family live in Keller, TX.