Liar Liar

You know you have a poor salesman on your doorstep when they lead with, “If you let me do your roof, I’ll pay your deductible.” Not only do you have a no value scenario on your hands, you are being lured into insurance fraud. The state of Texas passed a law (HB2102) in 2019 that demands homeowners pay their deductibles and that contractors receive that deductible payment. It is illegal to waive, eat, absorb, or reimburse that deductible. Punishable by a hefty fine a time behind bars, both the homeowner and contractor can pay dearly for this crime. Why is it wrong? First, as a homeowner, you are contractually obligated to pay a portion of the repairs for your roof. It’s in the fine print of your policy (I’m a homeowner…I know that I’m obligated to by 1% of my homes worth when it comes to hail and wind claims). Now, when a contractor says he can absorb it, he basically prices everything below market value to make up for your deductible and then lies to the insurance company to keep that deductible value in his estimate (the one that’s different for insurance). There are 2 sets of numbers, invoices, etc. to make this work. Additionally, your contractor now has to make up for his loss somehow with your roof. In my neighborhood I’ve seen 2 to 3 companies do this…they do not tear everything off (cost savings), they reuse vents (cost savings), they reuse drip edge (cost savings), and on and on. When someone lies in this process everyone looses. I’ve even seen unwrapped and mix-branded shingles used on homes that were being replaced for storm damage! It’s insane. That homeowner did not pay a deductible, but they will pay dearly when leaks begin to happen a few years in due to defective shingles, partial roof systems, and lack of product warranty. Something needs to be done in the state of Texas to hold companies accountable when it comes to the deductible. In an effort to make things better with HB2102, we’ve only see deductible eating run rampant due to lack of prosecutions in this regard. Digging in and taking a stand, PROCO will fight to protect our communities, both around our company locations, and inside our company. Our representatives deserve a level playing field when it comes to roof sales in Texas.

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