Caring for our Community during the Covid Crisis

Caring For Our Community

None of us could have expected to be in the middle of a global pandemic right now. It’s still a bit surreal how we have all shifted for the betterment of our fellow humans. While we are still fully operational and taking care of our customers roofing & construction needs, the terrain has certainly changed. Many of you may know that door to door sales is a HUGE way that roofing companies gain leads. We have an internal saying, “Knock doors, get on roofs, protect our neighbors.” Well, things have changed.


One of our big motivators to reach our neighbors regarding their roof is to keep them out of the grasp of the fly by night roofers that roll in and try to take advantage of innocent people. As a matter of fact, that is one of the main reasons PROCO exists. Well, one thing that we have done during this crisis is to cease all door to door sales. It only makes sense. Shortly after we made this decision, it was clarified in Dallas County that door to door sales should not be taking place during shelter at home protocols. Why do we do it? To protect our communities, our neighbors, and ourselves. We’d rather be on the “man are we glad we made that decision” side of things, rather than “I can’t believe we didn’t make the change and adapt” side of things.

You Can Never Be Too Safe

With that said, we submit to governing authorities regarding protocol requirements for both their citizens and essential businesses. Beyond that, we work with sensitivity in regard to the homeowner. If they want us to talk to them from the street, we are happy to oblige. Wear a mask? Sure thing…we do that anyway if we’re in close proximity, in the home (by necessity), or required by the city. You can never be too safe.

Social Distancing Is Key

We agree with medical leaders that the number one weapon to fight this crisis is social distancing and washing our hands. Please do not be offended if we are called out to your property and we seem stand offish. It’s all for the common good. We also offer digital inspections, reports, and even documents. We are happy to FaceTime our inspection so that you can be a part of it. Our main goal is to make sure that if your roof has storm damage (hail, wind, or other) that you are made aware of it. If it looks like a claim needs to be made on the roof, we will let you know our professional opinion. We are not insurance specialists (& it’s actually illegal for a roofing company to claim to be so) but we do know how to identify storm damage.

We Are Here For You

Give us a call for a safe and careful free inspection. You’ll be glad you did. We’ll get though this together. We believe we will emerge stronger than before. Let us know how we can serve you. After all, we are PROCO. We are Pro Community. 833-467-7626 (833-GO-PROCO).

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