Union Gospel Mission

Since we started PROCO we’ve had a vision to give back to the community; we’re talking charitable giving that makes a real difference in real people’s lives. Our first opportunity to do that was back in 2017 when we had a chance to donate several meals to the Union Gospel Mission in Fort Worth, TX. Although it is a heart-warming story of how we began our charitable journey with this baby step, it was not necessarily by choice.

“How is that?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s really quite humorous. You see, that year we began to start building our Business Development division of PROCO where we would invest in relationships with those in our industry who might benefit from a quality/relational-driven roofing company, such as Real Estate Companies. We had signed up to cater a certain real estate company in Fort Worth for one of their training events. Upon arrival at the venue with 200 box meals from Jason’s Deli we discovered no one was there.

After double-checking our calendar, we realized that we mixed up the dates! Well…that’s when we decided to drive straight over to the Union Gospel Mission and donate these fresh meals. It turned out that God had better plans than us for those box lunches and we are grateful how it all played out!


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