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Beard It Up

Toward the end of 2019, one of our customers reached out to us to see if we’d be interested in participating in Beard It Up. It’s a fundraiser through The Cure Starts Now raising funds to fight pediatric cancer. You see, this customer of ours had lost their daughter to pediatric cancer a little over a year ago at this time. Their daughter happens to be classmates with the owner, Robert Gotcher’s daughter at Keller High School. We jumped on the opportunity without hesitation. Of course! She commented, “I mean, you guys have some killer beards over there at PROCO… so why not use them to fight cancer?” We agreed… to the point of spinning up a whole fundraising event hosted by Rahr & Sons Brewing in Fort Worth, TX. Not only did we have the privilege of raising funds for The Cure Starts Now online, but we were able to donate what we made at our fundraiser to our customer’s non-profit organization called PB&J. They raise funds to meet the needs of families that are affected by this horrible disease. When you are caring for your sick child it makes it very challenging to keep working. PB&J steps in to help with rent, food, and necessities. It’s a beautiful ministry from a beautiful family. We love being part of something that was born out of tragedy and offers hope and comfort to those who are in the trenches of the fight.

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