Back in the 80’s there was a song that went “The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on fire!” We definitely don’t want those lyrics lived out in real life when it comes to your dryer vent. What’s the correlation? Well, dryer vents need to be maintained in order to manage the lint content within the exhaust system. Many times we find dryer roof vents clogged on the roof due to lack of maintenance. We also find out of code dryer vents that have a screen to keep critters out. That’s a big no no. The screen can get stopped up with lint and contribute to the problem. So what do you do? Call PROCO. We can come out and take a look to evaluate your particular scenario. Sometimes the only problem is the vent itself…more aptly, the screen. With your permission, we can simply remove it and eliminate any concerns up top. If there is substantial lint in the system, we can make recommendations to remedy the situation and avoid a hazardous event. 833-GO-PROCO.