1. Clean it!

As we emerge from winter, many people start thinking of spring cleaning the interior of their home. But what about the exterior?

More specifically, what about your roof?

While cleaning your roof might not be at the top of your outdoor chore list, it probably

should be! Like most homeowners (us included!), roofs are out of sight out of mind. Cleaning your roof is just one way to keep your roof healthy season after season.

NOTE: Safety should be your number one priority! If you are experienced at climbing on your roof and understand safe ladder practices and fall protection, go for it! If not, like the majority of homeowners, you’ll need to reach out to PROCO for help (click here)! As a matter of fact, we offer a variety of maintenance programs to keep your roof clean and fully functional. From traditional shingles to high end tile and slate, we’ve got you covered.

A lot goes into cleaning your roof, but it’s an important step for healthy roof

maintenance! Debris can build up on your roof, trap moisture on the shingles, and actually cause water to penetrate the roof system causing leaks into your home. This build up can decrease the lifespan of your roof, so heading into the rainy Spring, make sure you clean the debris from your roof to prevent this damage.

Don’t forget to also clean your gutters in this process. A home’s gutters are a huge part of its drainage system, so clearing the gutters of all debris avoids backups on your roof that could cause water damage.

As we mentioned, PROCO can set you up on a maintenance program so you don’t have to worry one bit about it.

2. Clear it!

Vegetation near your home can cause serious damage to your roofing and gutter system. During a strong storm, trees can fall causing significant damage to your dwelling…and that usually involves your roof! Large branches hanging over your roof can also block the sunlight and create a dark, damp area where mold and mildew can grow.

Furthermore, branches that can come into contact with your roof, driven by wind, can literally rub a hole in your shingles causing a leak! We see this all of the time when doing inspections.

Lastly, leaves and twigs that fall from trees hanging over your roof can cause a backup

in your gutter, or create a home for squirrels and other rodents. Which is the last thing you want! Clear out branches and vegetation that threaten your roofing system. This will help lengthen the lifetime of your roof.

3. Check it!

It’s important to check your roof system on a yearly basis to keep it functional and healthy.

This is where PROCO comes in! Our free roof inspection is a great resource to make certain your roof is in good shape. We have many customers who call on us every year to look at their roofing system, and then additionally after a storm hits their property.

Now, there are ways you can determine, as a homeowner, that you have possible damage on your roof! If a tree has fallen on your home, chances are there is damage. Call PROCO! If you had hail hit your home, many times that damage cannot be seen from the ground. Give us a call and we can take a look. 

Many times roofs are okay, however, there are roofs that not only show damage, but have compromised systems that will begin to leak. Look at the ground and surrounding areas to see if you notice any debris from your roof on the ground (shingles, tiles, etc)—a sure sign of roof damage. Lastly, if you can see damage on your neighbor’s roof, chances are your roof received storm damage as well. Give us a call or click here…we’re happy to help!

4. Commit it!

Last, but not least, the final “C” for keeping your roof healthy is committing to maintain it. When things are kept up with and in good shape, that makes it a lot easier to keep a healthy looking, beautiful roof. We want to partner with you to help you win when it comes to your roofing system. Reach out to us to find a maintenance program that fits your budget and needs.

Give us a call at 833-GO-PROCO (833-467-7626) and let us see how we can help you obtain and maintain a healthy roof for this season and beyond!